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Have you ever found yourself wondering “how much does a skip bin cost to hire”? If you’re looking for cheap skip bins to hire and are after Gold Coast’s best skip bin prices, look no further than the Rent a Bin.

Our pricing and discounts are listed below, where you’ll be able to compare us with our competition. Our Google reviews speak for themselves, as we’ve been the go-to providers for the cheapest skip bins in the metropolitan area. You can also see how much it costs to rent a skip bin by simply clicking the Book A Bin button on the right hand side of the page to get access to instant and great service.

When comparing us with other companies, it’s important to ensure you compare the bin dimensions. Over 65% of our competitors we surveyed supplied skip bins up to 25% smaller than they promoted on their website……so it’s important to make sure that you don’t get ripped off!

Watch our short videos to learn how to correctly measure your skip bin so you can be confident you won’t be ripped off.



It does not matter if you are north or south of the river or elsewhere in the metropolitan area. If you need information on how much does it cost to hire and rent a skip bin in your area, we can quote your bin pricing instantly. Our skip bin sizes are the best in Gold Coast, as we have options to suit every budget and provide great value for money.

You can have total confidence that we’ll recycle your waste and will provide great discounts to keep your pricing as cheap as possible. Please see below to view our discount options. (Any discount will be credited back after the bin has been tipped in our yard and photographed to confirm no mixed waste or hidden surprises).

Lastly, when comparing pricing on the internet, these are some of the things you need to keep an eye on when comparing skip bins and looking for the cheapest skips in Gold Coast.


15% discount off our standard skip bin price

Skip bins that contain clean concrete not larger than 750mm x 750mm with no reinforcing steel. (LESS THAN 2% CONTAMINATION WITH SAND – NO OTHER WASTE ALLOWED IN BIN IN ORDER TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT)


15% discount off our standard skip bin price

For skip bins that will contain clean broken or cut clay products. (LESS THAN 2% CONTAMINATION WITH SAND – NO OTHER WASTE ALLOWED IN BIN IN ORDER TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT)


15% discount on clean sand.

Must not contain more than 2% organic material such as grass, weeds, tree roots or mulch. Also must not include more than 2% rocks, limestone etc.


50% discount off our standard skip bin price

You can drop off steel items such as whitegoods for free at our recycling and resource recovery centre at 9 Rodgers Way Landsdale. Clean scrap steel we accept includes.


Our prices start from $330 with next day delivery!


The green waste we collect is recycled into mulch. For skip bins that contain green waste only such as tree pruning, branches and off cuts etc., there is a strict no contamination policy with this discount. The machinery that is used is expensive and contaminants will damage the mulching chipping knives. This means you must have:

In order to try and keep our prices cheap and affordable for you, we need you to help us. Our discount means less onsite sorting at our recycling centre for materials that can be recycled (when we save, you also save). Please inform your workers, mates and/or contractors who are helping you that you are receiving a discount for your waste.

In order for you to receive your discount, all rubbish must be kept out of the skip bin apart from your recyclable material. Please refrain from placing plastic water bottles, beer bottles, lunch wrappers etc. in with your waste as your discount will become null and void for contaminants. Our trucks all have GPS trackers in them so we can show definitive proof should you dispute the quality of your recyclable waste.

Your waste will be photographed, and you will be charged our standard skip bin price. We don’t like enforcing rules, as what we are trying to do is create a cheap, affordable skip bin hire service at discount pricing to you, our customer. Please help us to achieve this goal for your future benefit and the Gold Coast environment.


It costs money to dispose of waste, which is no surprise there really so, why do some skip bin companies deceive their customers on what size waste bin they are actually receiving and paying for.

The answer? The waste disposal company receives an advantage by cheaper tipping costs as the skip bin is smaller than quoted, not to mention less fuel and overall operating costs. In order to gain your “valued” business, it is very easy to quote a skip bin as being “X” amount of cubic metres capacity, especially when you can’t see the skip bin over the phone or when booking online. It happens more often than you think, with some companies having bins that are up to 20% smaller than advertised and promoted!

The size of the waste bin you pay for should be as if you filled the skip bin with water, or very close to it. When confronted, these companies often say “we allow for overfilling as no one fills to the top of the skip bin“. This is highly dangerous and illegal under the Road Traffic Act, not to mention deceptive to you as the purchaser.
Please compare our skip bin sizes for true value for money and affordable skip bin waste disposal on your next job or project in the Perth metropolitan area. We have discreetly placed some of our skip bins next to our competitors to show you the difference between some skip bins that are the same size.

Hire up to 14 days - Delivery within 2 hours for calls received before 12 pm

General Household Waste Skip Bin

Hire the right Green Skip Bins, Mobile Waste Skips, and Skip Bags in Gold  Coast. Whether you need a small size or a large we have the perfect size for you!

Hire up to 14 days - Delivery within 2 hours for calls received before 12 pm

All Prices are excluding GST and including bin delivery, 14 days hire, bin collection and tipping fees

Builders’ Waste / Dirt Only / Concrete Only

Hire the right Green Skip Bins, Mobile Waste Skips, and Skip Bags in Gold  Coast. Whether you need a small size or a large we have the perfect size for you!