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Green skip (dumpster) for municipal waste or industrial waste on street

Is it better to put it on the driveway or on your lawn? Other than determining the size and type of waste, one of the most important factors in your skip bin rental is where you should put your skip.

The driveway or lawn are the two most common places for skip dumpsters to reside throughout their hire in Gold Coast, Australia. But where should you go if you’re looking for a job? It will vary according to your home, bin demands, and available space in many cases. But, if you have both, which is the greatest option for you?



Do you have access to a huge grassy area? This may be the finest location for your skip bin because it offers access to your driveway and concrete areas for parking and other building needs. This is crucial if you require the bin for an extended period of time and have tradies and builders on-site, as it will be generally out of the way.

Furthermore, placing your garbage on the grass reduces the risk of harming or breaking your driveway. This will help to preserve your driveway, which is more difficult to rebuild or repair.


While using your lawn can free up space on your driveway and pavement, your grass may suffer certain consequences. In wet weather, your skip bin, for example, may sink or leave massive ruts (especially with our large skip bin sizes). The grass beneath the bin may die and turn brown, but it can be revived by watering.

Trucks might leave marks on the grass during pick-up or delivery if the lawn is moist. Furthermore, the truck’s weight may be altered by any undiscovered pipes beneath the ground, potentially causing damage.



If you’re concerned about the health of your lawn, consider placing your skip bin on a paved surface, such as your driveway. This will help you to focus on the issues that are most likely to arise. If your driveway is rather wide, placing your skip bin there will make it easier for our drivers to place and collect up your trash.

Placing your bin on the driveway will also bring it closer to your home. In restoration settings, rather than the skip being meters away, this can be more convenient, saving long wheelbarrow journeys.


Placing your skip bin on your driveway may have ramifications because to the weight of our lorries. Your driveway may crack as a result of the weight of our trucks.

Lack of space is another major difficulty with placing a bin on your driveway. It may obstruct adequate access spaces, preventing you and visitors from parking on the premises. It can also make it difficult for tradespeople to access the home, which is bothersome.

It’s important to note that not all of these drawbacks are likely to occur, but it’s always good to be prepared. We suggest assessing the property where your skip bin will be used and determining what is necessary.

If you want to keep your lawn in good shape but don’t mind giving up your driveway, the driveway can be the best option. On the other hand, if you want to save space on your driveway and aren’t concerned about the possibility of temporary turf damage, grass may be the best option.

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